Brilliant Interactive Dance-Along Music Video for Arcade Fire’s Sprawl II

This wonderful music video for Arcade Fire’s “Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)” is available as a traditional video, or as an interactive video. The interactive version calls on the viewer to dance along in front of a webcam—the viewer’s movements are detected and correspond with movement by dancers on screen. The video is directed by Vincent Morisset with choreography for the delightful dancing sequences by Dana Gingras.

The idea is to affect the pacing of the film with your movements. You are invited to dance in front of your webcam. There is no specific rules, no complicated “minority report” tricks. Just an invitation to move your arms or your butt on the music. The quicker you move, the faster the frames play. You slow down, the caracters in the video slow down. You freeze and the video starts to loop on the beat, creating a new choreography in the choreography. It is also possible to interact with your mouse, in case you don’t have a camera or you want to switch from dancing to clicking.

via BOOOOOOOM! & Your Music Today

E.D.W. Lynch
E.D.W. Lynch

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