BrainJams Berkeley


BrainJams returns to the Bay Area this Saturday, February 25th with BrainJams Berkeley, which takes place at Barrows Hall on the University of California Berkeley campus.

On Saturday February 25, 2006, we are very excited to have Lee Felsenstein joining Chris Heuer as a co-facilitator of our next unconference. In a sense, Lee is reprising his role from the beginning of the PC revolution as co-founder and facilitator of the Homebrew Computer Club. In addition to focusing on discussions about how we use emerging social media tools like blogs, wikis, podcasts and other Web 2.0 tools, Lee and Chris will begin the day with a discussion on learning from other disciplines, finding/borrowing/improving on patterns through experimentation and collaboration in the commons. What we have been trying to do with BrainJams is very much what Homebrew did 30 years ago – we follow in their footsteps and are very honored to have him sharing his experience and wisdom with us.

photo credit: Chris Heuer (from BrainJams3Dec2005 at SRI)