A 3D Animated Bongo Cat Blasts Into Space to Bring Music to All Beings Throughout the Galaxy

In a short visual fan-based riff on the Bongo Cat Meme, Alex Pogorelov created a 3D animated version of the musical feline who blasts into space with his “Bongo 909” synthesizer in order to bring the joy of music to all beings throughout the galaxy.

A short music fan-video based on one of my favourite memes Bongo Cat. This time cat takes his Bongo 909 synth and goes to vast of space, bringing cool music to all its areas

Bongo Cat in Space

The wonderfully carnivalesque soundtrack is “ResuRection” by Russian trance band PPK.

…cool music is PPK Resurrection – classic trance track which in my opinion sounds very suitable for space scenes.

via Das Kraftfuttermischwerk