Boisterous Moluccan Cockatoo Laughs Herself Silly While Hanging Out With Her Human

A boisterous Moluccan cockatoo named Pebble laughs herself silly while hanging out with her human at their home at the Saskatoon Parrot Rescue in Saskatchewan, Canada. Pebble’s human made it very clear that Pebble is a naturally effervescent bird who was not given anything to make her act that way.

Gday everyone. First off, Pebble is NOT high on anything. We run a rescue for birds. She is a rescue bird and has been previously through approx 10 homes in 20 years of her life. She is NOT on drugs. Cockatoos are known for being wild and crazy at times, and Pebble will perform like this in public places as well. She loves to do it. No she is not having a seizure!! Please understand she has been thoroughly vet checked and that is just completely off base. It is not animal abuse to have her displaying her personality and having a riot of fun. Denying her that opportunity would be abusive, but we would never do that. Pebble loves to be herself, loud and proud. We are honored to have her in our care, where she will be for the remainder of her life. We take great pride with our birds and love them to pieces.

Pebble also loves to chat with her buddy Syd, a green parrot who is just as talkative as she.