Bloody Raw Hamburger Rice Krispies Treats

Raw Meat Rice Krispies Wrapped

In honor of Halloween, a very creative Michel Devon created wonderfully spooky Rice Krispies Treats that look just like bloody raw hamburger patties. No meat is involved in making the treats, rather the bloody color was made out of corn syrup, cocoa powder and green food dye, which was used to color the marshmallow mix before the cereal was mixed in. Devon then made them into bloody patties and served them two to a pack.

Gotta make the perfect colored corn syrup blood. Red with a dash of green and a sprinkling of cocoa powder. Pre-color your marshmallows with red and a touch of green and then pour in your rice krispies and mix it up. Patty it out. You will need a lot of butter on your hands. And on the parchment paper.

Raw Meat Rice Krispies

Raw Meat Rice Krispies Blood

Raw Meat Rice Krispies Bowl

Raw Meat Rice Krispies Trays

via Boing Boing