Blocklets, Incredibly Versatile Interlocking Building Blocks


Spherical Blocklet Sculpture

Another scary blocklet creeper

Blocklets are a system of modular interlocking pieces that can be used to build anything from furniture to trebuchets. The pieces are lasercut from wood or acrylic and the design is open source. A collaboration between artist Mark Plaga and engineer Gabe Cantor, initial funding for Blocklets is being raised on Kickstarter.

We are passionate about making things. We created Blocklets first foremost for ourselves. We started with the idea of creating a modular system for making beautiful sculpture. We believe we have succeeded. This is why we invented Blocklets, not to bring them to the market, or to do a Kickstarter project. We’re here on Kickstarter because the people we’ve shared them with couldn’t get enough of them.

We love Blocklets we think once you get your hands on them you’ll love them too. Right now Blocklets are sculptural building blocks. With your support we can turn Blocklets into a multifaceted tool, useful for quickly producing everything from art to furniture to whatever you can imagine.?