Blip Festival New York 2011, A Celebration of Chiptune Music

8bitpeoples and The Tank present Blip Festival New York 2011, an event that “showcases the best creations in art, music, and culture using retro game and computer hardware” takes place May 19-20 at Eyebeam in New York City.

Entering it’s fifth year, this iteration of Blip Festival showcases an international chip community that stands at a crossroads. Now firmly entrenched in mainstream culture with chipsounds and pixel art finding their way into television, motion pictures, and ironically enough, modern video games, Chip musicians and artists find they are no longer expected to educate their audiences but, instead, are free to innovate. As the community becomes less of a genre and more of an ethos, documenting the ever-growing diversification of the community is the Blip Festival’s top goal.

via topherchris