Blind Man Using Sight Enhancing Glasses Sees His Bride for First Time During a Redo of His Wedding

A happily married couple were treated to a redo of their wedding after 15 years so that Andrew the groom could finally see, using a pair of eSight electronic glasses, his beautiful bride walk down the aisle. Andrew, who was born with Stargardt disease had been steadily losing his vision due to macular degeneration and was legally blind at the time of the “first” wedding.

Did I fully appreciate everything on that wedding day with my eyesight or lack thereof? No, you can’t see the detail of the beauty of a veil or the details of someone’s face. …I can’t wait to watch you see the many details of our daily adventures of our family. We take our vision for granted. I call it the details of the day which is what oftentimes missing and lost and I’m really excited to see.

The wedding ceremony in its entirety.

via ABC

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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