Blind Cow Loves Snuggling With Her Rescuer Humans

A blind cow named Helen, who had spent most of her 19 years chained up in a cage on a dairy farm, now lives a wonderful life with Rian Feldman and Scooter Belasco, the generous people of Uncle Neil’s Home in New Jersey. Helen was rescued in September 2022, and since that time, she has revealed her beautiful soul by snuggling with Feldman and Belasco every chance she gets. They in turn, have created a sensory environment that allows Helen to be as independent as possible.

She would walk over to us and just throw her body against us. getting hugs from her are the best kinds of hugs in the entire world. She knew that she was safe. Helen lived on a chain in a stall for 19 years and was born blind. It definitely took her a few days to get used to our voices and to learn that she was in a new place. Since Helen can’t see us she does use her other senses like sound and touch to experience the world.