Bleeding Skull Candle Oozes Red Wax From Its Eye Sockets

Bleeding Skull Candle

The Bleeding Skull Candle by ThinkGeek has the appearance of being your typical skull candle, until you start burning it. Then, the red wax bleeds out its eye sockets and the longer it burns, the more “blood” it will spill. Take a look at their promo video to see it in action. It is available to purchase at ThinkGeek.

At first, you’ll just have a normal skull candle. Place it on a heat-resistant plate, because in a while, you’ll need it! Light up the Bleeding Skull Candle and begin your night of mayhem and horror. As it burns, bright red wax will ooze from its eye sockets and down its face, pooling ever so deliciously on the plate. (See why you needed it?) The longer it bleeds, the creepier and bloodier it gets, making it perfect for those nights when you keep turning the dial up, up, up on the scare factor.

Red Blood

Animated GIF

images via ThinkGeek