Trained Black Vulture Gracefully Lands on GoPro Selfie Stick in Midair During Tandem Paragliding Lesson

While giving a lesson over Spanish mountains, tandem paragliding instructor Scott Mason of Skywing Adventures in Andalucia, Spain demonstrated his bespoke “parahawking” technique while floating over Grazalema State Park. This involved a gorgeous black vulture flying, who was behind Mason and his student, gracefully landing upon a GoPro selfie stick in midair. Mason stated that he wants to make his paragliding skill more “birdlike”.

…a trained bird of prey guides him on flights to thermal columns that make his aerial trips longer and more birdlike.

Mason originally posted this video on Tiktok using the Fleetwood Mac song “Dreams” as a soundtrack in reference to the viral Fleetwood Mac skateboarding meme.

Black Vulture Lands on Selfie Stick

Here are other instances of Mason’s “parahawking”.