Art Imitates Life in Eerie Ad for ‘Black Mirror’ Season 6

Black Mirror Season 6

Over the course of five explosive seasons of the brilliant series Black Mirror, creator Charlie Brooker (previously) and a talented team of writers have used history and their imaginations to create eerie tales of compromised life within a fictional futuristic dystopia. The ad for the 6th season, created by Brother Madrid, however hints that this art will imitate that of life in the year 2020.

It’s been months since everything that happens in the world seems like we were living a long episode of Black Mirror. In Netflix, the 5th is the last season you can watch. The 6th is happening in the real world.

Brooker virtually sat down with BBC reporter Emily Maitlis in May 2020 to talk about how the “world has stolen my nightmare fuel”

TV presenter and screenwriter Charlie Brooker talks to Emily Maitlis about coronavirus and what happens when life begins to imitate fiction. …What happens when you’re a dystopian comedy fiction creator who constantly thinks the worst is about to happen – and then we all end up in a cataclysmic pandemic? Charlie Brooker knows.

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