Black Maltipoo Dog Resumes His Duties as a School Crossing Guard After a Nice Summer Break

A black maltipoo (maltese/toy poodle mix) named Patches who wears a bright yellow uniform has gleefully resumed his duties as a school crossing guard in the Pennsylvania town of Jersey Shore after a long summer away from the kids he helps across the street. Patches’ human Bradley Davis, who’s worked with the dutiful dog for years told WNEP TV that Patches loves the kids, but hates the cold.

Patches is back to work for the Jersey Shore Area School District, which started the new school year this past week, according to his owner, Bradley Davis. Davis is a retired contractor who has spent his weekday mornings and afternoons for the past two years helping direct traffic and keep kids safe at a busy intersection in town. …”He’s got a lot of inner-discipline, and he enjoys keeping busy and making people happy, but he hates the cold. …He won’t go out in the cold. He won’t do that. In the winter time, he only sit on the heated seats in my car.

via WNEP