Black Leopard Kitten Rescued From a Traveling Circus Becomes a Big Cuddly Family Cat

A sleekly gorgeous black leopard named Luna, who was born into a traveling circus and rescued as a starving kitten after her mother refused to feed her, now lives a wonderful life as a cuddly family cat with her loving human Victoria and her best friend, a Rottweiler named Venza.

I was asked to take care of the kitten, because I already had a similar experience, and I was territorially closest to the zoo. I agreed to take care of her, and then decided to redeem Luna. (the zoo’s management planned to sell her, and it was highly likely that Luna would not have received the necessary care and veterinary control that she needed at that time) Luna has been with me since the eighth day after she was born.

While Luna is a wild animal, she has grown up as a domestic cat under the very watchful eye of Victoria (and Venza).

Luna is very gentle, even when playing with Venza, although she can get a bit destructive when she’s inside for too long.

She can also get into a bit of trouble when she goes outside too.

Sadly, Luna cannot be released into the wild due to how she was raised, although her human says that she thinks that Luna wouldn’t want to anyway.

(translated) I still get questions very often, will I release Luna into the forest, into the wild? Of course not! No predators, and other animals, with a rare exception, born in zoos, will never return to the wild, especially at an age like Luna

First of all, zoos do not deserve such a goal.

Secondly, rehabilitating and preparing animals for life in the wild is a very complex, expensive and labor-intensive process.

Thirdly, animals that have been taken from the wild for some reason are almost always rehabilitated and released (these are babies whose mother died, injured animals that needed help, etc.)

And fourthly, Luna doesn’t want to be released anywhere at all. I think she lives well with us

Here’s Luna as a tiny kitten.

via Miss Cellania