Performer Big Mike Geier Talks About Life as Puddles Pity Party’s Closest Friend

In a rather enlightening Inside Joke interview that took place at 2017 Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin Texas, host John Merriman had an opportunity to catch up with the very talented Big Mike Geier, a performer who also happens to be Puddles Pity Party‘s closest friend. Geier took the opportunity to talk about how he met Puddles, what it’s like traveling with him, how they get along and why he’s become so popular online.

So he doesn’t talk, so it slows everything down right and sometimes you just gotta slow it, slow it down and he wears his emotions on his sleeve. Yeah which it’s kind of frowned upon you know. Yeah people are, you know, everybody’s gotta suck it up or whatever, the whatever it is and he’s like he just feels the way he feels. It’s a sad and beautiful world.

via The Awesomer