‘Best of Web 8’, A Remarkable Supercut of Over 500 of the Best YouTube Videos From 2015

Best of Web 8” is a remarkable supercut by editor Zapatou (Luc Bergeron) that combines 506 of the best YouTube videos from 2015. The video is the latest in Bergeron’s Best of Web series, which he began in 2011. This latest version is his longest to date, highlighting videos from the worlds of extreme sports, cute animals, parkour, stunts, and more, many of which we have posted separately this year.

Bergeron has posted all of the 506 videos used in his project in a playlist for anyone who wants to watch all of a specific video, or maybe even watch all 506 in their entirety.

Although the types of videos used in the montage vary greatly, they all serve to show the incredible things people are capable of filming themselves doing.