Beach Sculptures Made Out of Artfully Arranged Stones

Land artist Jon Foreman creates absolutely amazing beach sculptures out of geometrically and artfully arranged stones that form patterns that are incredibly pleasing to the eye. Foreman works can be predominantly found along the Pembrokeshire coastline in Wales. Due to their location, his pieces are often ephemeral, disappearing either to weather or physical interference, yet he states that this impermanence is a crucial part of the art itself.

His work is ephemeral in many differing ways; Most often the weather and immediate climate will make his work disappear (be blown down/washed away by the tide), and sometimes other people will interfere. This is all part of the creative process and has proven to benefit his work.

Jon began his journey making Land Art/Sculpture while in college but he feels his creative play with materials and innovative ideas are something which started long before. Most of his work takes place in an already beautiful setting such as the Pembrokeshire coastline. Having grown up there he saw the beauty of the coastline and woodlands and made use of them by collaborating with nature itself.

via My Modern Met

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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