Be a Vegetarian, Quirky Animated Short Depicts Cute Vomiting Animals

Be a Vegetarian is an experimental short animated film depicting animals vomiting animals (and finally broccoli!) by Serbia-based animation production company, GlossyRey.

Thinking of steering away from 3d for a moment, at the same time expressing our creativity in different styles of animation and showing what we would also love to work on , we have stumbled upon a new idea during a morning coffee.

With every next sip and smile the story and characters evolved and we found ourselves laughing more and more imagining loony animals puking each other out wanting to become vegetarians. From the first concepts of our silly new animal friends and all the way to everything else: coloring , animation , music and sounds , we were constantly tweaking story and characters back and forth to make good idea even better.

via Cartoon Brew

images via GlossyRey

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff