Bay Area Hackmeet: Tech, Activism, Art & Community

Bay Area Hackmeet

Pod just pinged us about Bay Area Hackmeet, a two-day unconference organized by The Mad Penguins for tech activists, artists & community members that takes place this weekend, October 13th & 14th at the New College of California in San Francisco.

The Mad Penguins tech user group is organizing a two-day “hackmeeting” featuring skillshares and workshops for activists, artists and other community members this weekend, October 13–14, at New College in San Francisco. Topics will include DIY websites, peer-to-peer, pirate radio, net privacy, open-source graphics, audio and video streaming, linux, gender, race and technology, Crabgrass, north-south tech solidarity and more. Simultaneous hackmeetings will be going on in Gernika and other cities around the world.

Here’s more info on Indybay and if you are interested in going you can sign-up online.