Bathtub Loving Beaver Gets His Own Pond

A busy beaver named JB was being fostered by Brigette Brouillard, founder of the Second Chances Wildlife Center in Louisville, Kentucky. After his rescue, she found that he liked the indoor life of stealing her things to dam up the hallway and taking a bath whenever he liked. As he grew, however, so did his needs. Greg Wittstock of The Pond Guy made a generous offer to put in a custom watering hole for him. When he finally got in, JB was happier than a pig in mud.

He has the freedom to get in the water when he wants. I do not miss him destroying my house…He has lots to play with and eat. we give him a big pile of branches for some reason he brings them all in his house but he hasn’t tried to damn the pond itself. ….he definitely is well set up and well taken care of I’m very protective over that Little Beaver of mine.

Here’s Wittstock’s video of the build.