Barnaby Dixon Reveals a Glow-in-the-Dark ‘Creepy Face Puppet’ With LED Eyes and a Projected Mouth

Creepy Face Puppet

Barnaby Dixon, the highly creative puppeteer, has revealed another one of his ingenious designs. Calling it the “Creepy Face Puppet“, Getting his inspiration from Manu, Dixon gave the puppet a skeletal body, LED eyes and cleverly projected his own mouth onto its face in manner similar to the facade he gave to his bug puppet in October 2017. And like the bug puppet, Creepy Face also dances upon drum pads for musical accompaniment.

There are some other new elements as well. They’re pretty fun. For example, these glowing LED eyes. That’s something I’ve not done before but they run off the same power supply that powers the face screen …to but I’d say kind of structurally my favorite new addition would be this zaggy slinky torso it just makes for some really fascinating and fun movement…also all the sounds that you’re hearing are happening in real time as a result of the puppet stamping around on this drum pad surface.

Creepy Face Puppet Dance

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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