Barkos, The ‘Narcos’ Opening Credits Sequence Brilliantly Re-Created With Dogs

Filmmaker Jeremy Leaird-Koch employed his editing talent to create “Barkos“, a truly brilliant re-imagination of the opening sequence of the Netflix series Narcos that featured dogs, instead of humans, as the main characters. All the credits were “dogified” as well, with such names as Wagwag Moura (Wagner Moura), Bird Holdbark (Boyd Holbrook) and Pupper Pascal (Pedro Pascal), just to name a few. Leaird-Koch created the video with a combination of footage and stills.

I made “Barkos” as an attempt to recreate the effects and vibe of the original, shot-for-shot, but with dogs. Created using a combination of found-footage and animated still images in After Effects, and C4D. Magic Bullet Looks / Film used for grading.

The series opening sequence and credits in human form for the sake of comparison.

via Tastefully Offensive