Baptazia – Super Sunday Mashes of Drum & Bass With Bible Thumps

A British YouTube user named Airloaf put together a series of videos synching Drum & Bass / Jungle music with video of church services (mostly Baptists, I presume). Frenetic beats and energetic toasts matched with footage of ululating preachers and careening parishioners.

Dutch Drum & Bass crew Noisia are featured in the first installment, above. Here’s their MySpace page.

There are 3 in the Super Sunday series, plus a few more on his YouTube channel.

Here’s #2: Baptazia – Super Sunday – Skibadee / Fun & DJ Ruffstuff

And #3: Baptazia – Super Sunday – IC3 / DJ Clips & DJ Die – 3 of 3

Thanks to my music-making pal Frank Neuro for the tip!