An Intrepid Bald Eagle Takes a Camouflaged GoPro Camera for a High Flying Adventure

Eagle GoPro

In an effort to capture footage of the amazing North American bald eagles in Juneau, Alaska, researcher Matt Beedle of GlacierChange cleverly camouflaged a GoPro camera and set it rolling. What he didn’t anticipate, however was that one of these beautiful intrepid birds would pick the up the camera and fly away. Luckily, Beedle was able to retrieve the camera and its amazing footage after a few days, with the help of his father.

He wasn’t giving up. After over an hour in the tree searching branches, he the camera still alluded him. On the way back down he shook each branch hoping it would fall and his dad would see it hit the ground. Matthew’s dad had him toss an extra carabiner down to get an idea of where the camera might have landed had it been shaken loose. The plan worked actually worked; he searched again found it nestled out of immediate view.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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