A Cheeky Bald Eagle Steals a Fisherman’s GoPro

After a day of angling, a generous fisherman on a Haida Gwaii beach on the northern Pacific coast of Canada, decided to share a bit of the wealth by feeding the local bald eagles.

Instead of joining in on the feast, one cheeky bugger decided that the human’s GoPro was much more interesting and took off with it while everyone else was unaware. The great raptor only took the camera for a short ride, but it was far enough away to make the fisherman think it was gone forever. Luckily someone found the camera and returned it intact.

I like to feed the local Eagles the remains from my Chinook Salmon/Halibut/Red Cod catch. One day an Eagle steals my GoPro. I am re-united 6 weeks later after someone found it on the local beach and was nice enough to return it.