Baby Yoda Annoys the Hell Out of Dancing Baby Groot by Playing With the Power Button on His Boombox

In an amusing video by Mighty Racoon, an oh-so-adorable Baby Yoda encounters Baby Groot who was happily dancing to Filip Oleyka‘s take on the The Mandalorian soundtrack and songs by Kevin MacLeod.

The button-pushing Child did what he does best and pushed the power button to Baby Groot’s boombox to the off position. Baby Groot sauntered back to the music player and turned it back on again. This routine repeated itself several times, annoying the hell out of the young tree who just wanted to dance.

Baby Yoda Teenage Groot

When Baby Groot finally lost his temper, he charged at Baby Yoda, unaware that this little green thing embodied “The Force”. Baby Yoda sent Baby Groot way up into the air and then released. Baby Groot came to a crashing stop with the ground.

Baby Yoda Uses The Force on Groot

With the pecking order firmly established, Baby Yoda turned the music back on and began to dance, genially inviting Baby Groot to do the same.

Baby Yoda and Groot Dance

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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