Traumatized Baby Monkey Rides on Dog for Comfort

A traumatized baby monkey named Avni, who had been separated from her troop when she was electrocuted, found security with an easygoing dog named Mannu at the Peepal Farm in Himachal Pradesh, India, who let her ride on his back whenever she liked.

Orphaned baby monkey gets nursed back to health thanks to her cat and dog parents.

Avni had first tried bonding with a cat named Billo, who provided her comfort when she first arrived. When Avni started to recover, however, she found that Billo didn’t enjoy playing as much as she did. So she turned to the dogs and found a comforting bond with Mannu.

Mannu was so gentle he was just like okay. Avni just found it to be comforting. To ride him as if she would mother because monkeys are really creatures of troops. They want a family. She was determined that she wouldn’t get left behind. …She loved the riding him on walks and getting out and seeing things and exploring but still feeling safe and secure.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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