Two Rescued Baby Koalas Are Released Back Into the Wild Together After Months of Rehabilitation

In a bittersweet video posted by Port Stephens Koalas, a pair of adorable koala joeys named Morton and Scirocco were released back into the wild after being treated and rehabilitated for the better part of a year. Morton had arrived at Port Stephens in June 2017 while still in his dead mother’s pouch while Scirocco was found in a yard in late 2017, either orphaned or abandoned by his mother. The two boys were raised together so it seemed only appropriate that they be released together as well. At fist Morton was unwilling to separate himself from his humans, but his spirits lifted as soon as Scirocco arrived.

Morton and Scirocco have been released…These two gorgeous boys have been released together. Morton came to us weighing just 344grams in June 2017. Scirocco was abandoned by his mother and was spotted on a rotary washing line. We are so proud of these two joeys and wish them a long and fruitful life in the wild.

Koala joeys Released into wild

via ABC News

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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