Hand-Reared Baby Golden Lion Tamarin Twins Thrive Under the Loving Care of the Auckland Zoo

A pair of adorable baby golden lion tamarin twins named Aurora and Ruffino, who were born at the Auckland Zoo (previously) are now thriving immensely due to the loving care they received over the course of over three months. The infants, who were hand-reared by the staff after their mother lost interest in feeding them when her milk dried up, looked to each other to find a sense of family, and now that they are old enough, they have also been reunited with their parents Alonzo and Frida in their outdoor rainforest habitat.

s been a long and rewarding journey to get the twins, female Aurora and male Raffino, to this point and has required the considerable skill, passion and commitment of our primate and vet teams. …filmed over the past three and a half months, we put our primate team’s mahi on show as they go from feeding the twins around the clock, to weaning them off of milk and onto solid foods like delicious mango, the successful integration with their parents Alonzo and Frida, and finally, welcoming the family unit into their Rainforest habitat!

Golden Lion Tamarin Twin Babies

via Nag on the Lake