Rescued Baby Goat Grows Up Thinking She Is a Cat

A tiny baby goat named Lily, who was rejected by her mother at birth, was rescued by the wonderful humans at Friendly Family Fields Farm in North Carolina. Lily has since come to believe that she is actually a cat.

Tiny goat loves bunnies and cats as a baby, and still acts like a cat as an adult

Lily came to Friendly Family Fields Farm at only five days old, and her gregarious personality was already shining through. Because she was so young, it was unclear if she would survive.

Meet Our newest rescue. She is a five day old baby goat! She was born one of three triplets, and rejected by her mother after birth. This baby is TINY weighing in at just over 2lbs. It’s a miracle that she survived. Despite all the factors working against her, she is so bright and energetic! She loves to jump and run and play, and she refuses to let anything stop her.

Because she was so tiny, they kept her in the house, where she started befriending the furry animals inside. Lily became especially enamored with the family cat and followed him wherever he went. She even started sounding like a cat.

She started moving on to the cats and trying to befriend the cats. Our one older cat Bean took her under his wing and would curl up with her on the couch and sleep.

As Lily got older, she went outside, where she became friends with all the barn cats on the property.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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