A Skittish Baby Goat Battles Himself in the Mirror

A rather skittish baby male goat was wandering his human’s workshop in Turbotville, Pennsylvania when he encountered his reflection in the mirror. The hircine youngster appeared to believe that there was another male in the vicinity and circled the mirror to see where he was. With a full head of steam, the goat found him back where he started and began butting against the mirror, not realizing that he was battling himself.

On the day of this video, he and his brother got out of their fence and came to find me in my workshop. This is when he saw himself in the mirror. He was very confused as to who this other ‘guy’ in the mirror was, and had to check it out. …This is when he decided that it was time to play, or maybe beat this guy up. That’s when he started to rear up on his back legs and headbutt the mirror, or the other guy.

Baby Goat Battles Himself in Mirror