Parents Dress Baby Girl as Elton John With Oversized Sunglasses and a Pink Piano for Her First Halloween

An absolutely adorable 11 month old girl named Benni Rea who absolutely loves the classic Elton John song “Bennie and the Jets” was dressed up as her favorite performer for her very first Halloween costume. According to her mother Destiny Bottiaux, little Benni loves music. The little Miss Elton proved it to be so as she happily banged on the pink piano while dressed in oversized sunglasses and a white boa.

…her favorite song by far is Elton John’s ‘Bennie and the Jets.’ So when it came time to pick Benni’s first Halloween costume, her parents knew there was only one option. A mini Elton John. Benni’s mom, Destiny DIY’d one of his iconic outfits and let Benni Rea do the rest.