Textile Artist Creates a Highly Symbolic Traditional Azerbaijani Rug That Looks Like It’s Melting

Azerbaijani artist Faig Ahmed, who previously created a series of handmade traditional Azerbaijani rugs that look digitally distorted, has continued to use this specific textile medium in order to comment on events of the day. One such piece, called “Doubts?”, is a rug that looks like it’s melting off the wall upon which it is hung. The title came from a discussion about the future in the face of a pandemic.

We started the production of this work a month before the whole world plunged into doubts about the future due to the current situation caused by the pandemic. Because of the quarantine, we had to close our textile studio several times and artwork on the loom was waiting for its time. A few days ago, after 7 months, “Doubts?” were cut off the loom. There are no more doubts in this carpet, destroying the geometric intelligible boundaries of the patterns – overflowing they congeal on the floor – this is the limit of doubts.

via Colossal