The Author Clock, A Novel Digital Timepiece That Uses Quotes From Famous Books to Tell the Time

Author Clock Gatsby

The Author Clock by Mechanical Design Labs is a novel digital clock that uses quotes from famous books to tell the time. This innovative timepiece pulls from six centuries of specific quotes that refer to the exact time of day.

Author Clock transforms checking the time into a whimsical event, transporting you into key moments in literature and writing history. Containing thousands of quotes from a diverse range of authors, Author Clock is a creative and inspiring way to tell time. If you love a good book and great story, this is the clock for you.

The clock itself can be personally programmed, emits zero blue light, is rechargeable, and can block quotes with adult content.

Author Clock’s premium e-reader screen reads like paper and uses zero blue light. It has no glare even when faced with direct sunlight and won’t disturb your sleep because it is not overly bright at night.

Mechanical Labs is raising funds through Indegogo to bring The Author Clock to a wider market.

Author Clock Time
Author Clock Wolfe

Thanks Dave Klass!