Australian Ice Cream Shop Creates Beautiful Roses From Uniquely Flavored, Hand-Crafted Gelato

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I-Creamy Artisan Gelato shop in Sydney, Australia has truly differentiated themselves from others with their absolutely beautiful roses made can be made of any combination of their handmade, rotating daily flavors. In an interview with Broadsheet, co-owner Sasinuch Lapwongpaiboon described their most unique flavors.

We are all Thai, so we wanted to develop Asian flavours,” says Lapwongpaiboon. Depending on what day you go (the gelato is made daily and flavours change accordingly) you might find some bright orange Thai milk tea; black sesame; or white chocolate made with miso. Sapsittiporn says Asian flavours should never be too sweet, and i-Creamy has adjusted its recipes accordingly. The ice-cream here is also thicker than that at most specialty stores.

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via Broadsheet, BuzzFeed