Awesome Auggie, A Tiny Rescued French Bulldog Puppy Who Needs Help Paying for Cleft Palate Surgery

A teeny tiny French bulldog puppy who was given the name Augustus, but goes by Auggie, is a sweet little guy who could use a bit of help. Auggie was born with a number of medical issues, including hydrocephalus and a cleft palate. He is currently being fostered through S.N.O.R.T. (Short Noses Only Rescue Team) in Hoboken, New Jersey. When Auggie was first brought in, the staff was unsure if “this little nugget” was going to make it. He had to be fitted with a special feeding tube because of his petite size and needed to be fed every four hours.

Since that time, however Auggie has been drinking water, gaining weight and growing stronger everyday, so that he can undergo cleft palate surgery, which is set for September 17, 2018. Those fostering Auggie are raising money through GoFundMe in order to help pay for this surgery.

Augie update! His neurologist confirmed (via ultrasound) that he does have moderate hydrocephalus but he said he is not necessarily a surgical candidate. Augie is eating and drinking well and running around and is not in any pain. He said to concentrate on him growing until he can get his cleft palate fixed. So keep sending this little guy well wishes and support – we need to him to grow, grow, grow and be healthy enough to get the additional care he needs!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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