AT-BT Boombox, A ‘Star Wars’ AT-AT Walker That Has Been Transformed Into a Geeky Portable Radio

AT-BT (All Terrain Beats Transport) Boombox

Los Angeles-based artist Caleb Paullus has created the AT-BT Boombox, an AT-AT Walker (All Terrain Armored Transport) from Star Wars that has been transformed into a creative and portable (All Terrain Beats Transport) radio. Paullus created his geeky boombox for the recent 2015 Star Wars Celebration event in Anaheim, California. The sci-fi ghetto blaster is now available to purchase online from Etsy with a choice of color and radio quality.

The legendary AT-BT the empire’s more deadly weapon, for busting out phat beats! All about that base, no rebels.

Every AT-BT is unique and built to order, you can pick a color, add a bluetooth module and even some LED accent lightning. Signed on the inside hatch on the back.