Ask Dr. Hal Show, Wednesday Nights on Pirate Cat Radio

Hal Robins: Dragonolatry

The Ask Dr. Hal show, which was a long running series at The Odeon and 12 Galaxies, is now on Pirate Cat Radio (87.9) Wednesday nights at 10pm and will be available as a podcast as well. During the show you can call in at 415-626-6180 and ask Hal with your questions, to which Hal will provide his amazing answers.

The pioneering Ask Dr. Hal! show has now adapted fully to the alternate medium of radio, according to its broadcasters, Dr. Howland Owll and KrOB. Since the closing of the popular night club phenomenon last experienced by eager audiences at San Francisco’s 12 Galaxies night club until February 2007, diversification has been the word as the show, chameleon-like, has metamorphosed to its current on-air version on the innovative S.F. Pirate Radio station, Pirate Cat 87.9 FM.

Just as in its salad days under the aegis of impresario Chicken John, the show stillfeatures the question-and-answer format of yore. Listeners are encouraged to call the show during its broadcast hours (10 PM – Midnight Wednesday nights) using the Sacred Telephone Number, (415) 626-6180. By doing so they receive answers to questions they are able to pose on any conceivable subject. But now, the traditional “gratuity” is officially waived– these answers are provided for merely the cost of a standard telephone call.

photo credit: Scott Beale

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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