Artist Uses Wind From Skydiving Freefall to Blow Paint Across Canvas Creating Beautiful Paintings of the Sky

Captured Sky Mid Air Sky Painting

Texas artist Michelle Nirumandrad of Captured Sky created gorgeous interpretations of the sky using different colors of paint that blow across the canvases strapped onto her body while she’s skydiving. The painting takes place during the freefall portion of her jump before she’s engaged her parachute and even after she’s safely being carried to the ground.

Captured Sky is a concept born out of a profound love for the sky and the overwhelming desire to lay claim to a small piece of it for ourselves. Created during freefall skydive(s), this artwork is crafted entirely above ground, in the sky, and is untouched by human hand. While in freefall or under canopy, paints and other medians are released into the wind towards canvas and cloth to create stunning images literally painted by the sky.

Prints can be purchased through the Captured Sky website.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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