Artist Brandon Bird Paints Kickstarter Supporters Into a Painting of a Seattle Sears Store

brandon bird sears painting

Artist Brandon Bird (previously) painted Kickstarter supporters Nancy and David Wahl in front of a Sears store in Seattle, Washington. The Wahls backed Bird’s campaign to raise money to travel the country painting Sears stores at the $3,000 level as a gift to each other for their 20th wedding anniversary (Congratulations!). As a result, Bird traveled to meet them at Sears and painted the happy couple.

The Wahls were also interviewed by Bird’s travel assistant Erin Pearce about why they wanted to pay for a custom painting in front of a Sears. David Wahl is currently the Director of Awesome for novelty retailer Archie McPhee.

wahl sears 1

wahl sears 2

wahl sears 3

The Wahls

images via Brandon Bird

via David Wahl