‘Around the Block’, A Short Film About Artist David Zinn Who Finds Inspiration in the Imperfections of Sidewalks

‘Around the Block’ is a short film by Scottish filmmaker Jonnie Lewis that offers a first-hand look at the work of street and sidewalk artist David Zinn (previously). Lewis’ camera follows Zinn as he talks about his work, using Zinn’s own animations to accompany and complement the narrative. Zinn stated that the imperfect street is far more inspiring to him than a perfectly blank page, as demonstrated in his incredible work. Lewis stated that he found out more about himself as he learned more about Zinn.

Much like David finds inspiration in the cracks, streaks, and specks on the pavement, I personally find that getting out and finding shots with a camera in my hand is far more fluid and inspiring than sitting at home and trying to come up with ideas. The final piece is no longer a film specifically about street art, but a study of the process involved in making ideas come to life – told through a tour of David’s world alongside the characters that live within it.

via Vimeo Staff Picks