Argyle Fighters, A Classy ‘Star Wars’ Shirt Design Featuring a TIE Fighter Argyle Pattern

Argyle Fighters

Asheville, North Carolina illustrator and graphic designer Ian Leino has created “Argyle Fighters,” a classy Star Wars shirt design that features a TIE fighter argyle pattern. Long-sleeve and short-sleeve shirts are available to purchase from his online shop.

For the sophisticated science fiction aficionado, this dapper design builds a subtle and charming argyle pattern from the wings of the Empire’s classic fighters. Perfect for anytime you want to show off your geek credentials in a more understated way. Looks great on its own, or class it up even further with a jacket or blazer, and those scruffy-looking nerfherders won’t know what hit them.

Argyle Fighters Longsleeve

Argyle Fighters

images via Ian Leino

via The Awesomer