Melbourne Architect Turns Small City Apartment Into Tranquil and Highly Functional Urban Micro-Studio

In an urban episode of Living Big in A Tiny House, host Bryce Langsyton visited the Melbourne apartment of Douglas Wan to see how this talented architect transformed this very small city apartment into a tranquil urban micro-studio. Wan utilized his professional expertise to create stylish yet highly functional compact rooms. Wan also made the most of the space with color and contrast.

The Melbourne apartment was originally constructed in the 1950s as housing for nurses. It’s now been completely reimagined for modern times and transformed into a clever small studio. For Douglas, this was an opportunity to develop a small living space that would perfectly fit his needs and lifestyle. Attracted to simple living and a self-described monastic lifestyle, he wanted to create a place where he could be a part of the city, yet also retreat from it.