Amazing Anthropomorphic Robots Made of Recycled Metal That Play Real Instruments in a Punk Rock Band

One Love Machine Band

Industrial artist Kolja Kugler of The Wild Waste Gallery in Berlin, creates amazing anthropomorphic robots made of upcycled and recycled metal parts. Several of Kugler’s robots, specifically “Rubble”, “Afreakin bassplayer” and “Sir Elton Junk” play real instruments for “One Love Machine”, a truly unique punk rock band.

The One Love Machine band are a scrappy crew. They have an affinity for punk rock, and members of the band play the bass, drums and flute. Oh, and they’re all robots. The band is made up of scrap metal animatronics, created from salvaged junk from scrapyards around Berlin.

Great Big Story visited with Kugler in order to learn more about these remarkable heavy metal robots.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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