What Color Does This Video Taste Like? An Animated Explanation of Synaesthesia

In the informative animation “What Color Does This Video Taste Like?” by Life Noggin, narrator Pat Graziosi defines synaesthesia as the perception of one sense by another. He also lists some of theories that explain the cause of synaesthesia and the population in which most synesthetes exist

Synaesthesia is when the stimulation of one sense causes the stimulation of a different sense at the same time. For example, someone with synesthesia might be able to hear colors or taste letters. …Now, it was once thought that synaesthesia was more common in females than in males, but a recent study has shown otherwise. From their pool of 3893 participants, researchers synesthesia was found in 1.55% of the females and 1.19% of the males, which was not a significant difference.