A Charming Stop-Motion Animation Featuring Puppet Animals Forming the Letters of the English Alphabet

Taili Wu made a really charming stop-motion animated short featuring puppet animals forming the letters of the English alphabet. Wu created each animal with the idea of learning “something new everyday”.

For example, the letter C is represented by Ham the Chimp, a famous hominid who went into space in 1961 and the letter D is represented by Twenty, the dalmatian who offered comfort to the NYC firefighters of Ladder 20 after the tragic events of 9/11.

She went on all the runs, she’d jump in the truck, stick her head out the window and bark. She became a local celebrity.” Twenty was a Dalmatian at the firehouse in NoLIta, NY, where she received loves from 25 fathers- the firefighters. She joined the Ladder 20 for nearly 15 years shortly after the 911, 2001 terror attacks. Seven members of the company had died on the World Trade Center’s North Tower that day. Twenty was a gift from two Sheriffs from Rochester, as condolences and companion.

via Vimeo Staff Picks