‘Andor’s Trail’, A Roguelike Fantasy Role-Playing Video Game About the Disappearance of the Protagonist’s Brother

Andor's Trail Andor's Trail

Andor’s Trail is a roguelike fantasy role-playing video game about the disappearance of the protagonist’s brother. The game–which is also open source–was co-created by Oskar Wiksten and Scott Devaney, a support specialist at Laughing Squid Web Hosting. Andor’s Trail is currently available on Android.

Andor's Trail Andor's Trail

Co-creator Oskar Wiksten was interviewed about the game in March 2012.

Does Andor’s Trail feel like a true collaborative work?

The development of Andor’s Trail is mostly collaborative, even if I spend the majority of the time out of everyone that works on it. Some parts are completely done by other people, such as the maps, and some parts are done completely by me, such as the storyline and quests.

images via Andor’s Trail