An Improvisational Robotic Marimba Player Performs Onstage With a Talented Jazz Band


In honor of the 40th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the 25th anniversary of VSA arts of Georgia, an amazingly improvisational robotic marimba player named Shimon took the stage at Kennedy Center and performed several songs with a talented jazz band. Also accompanying Shimon, were other performing robots including an amazing drumming protheses. all All of these “autonomous instruments” were created by engineers of the Center for Music Technology at Georgia Tech.

Georgia Tech’s Robotic Musicians and Musical Cyborgs features Shimon, the robotic marimba player, alongside other robotic musicians and a drummer who wears an assistive robotic drumming prosthesis. Shimon utilizes artificial intelligence and creativity algorithms that push musical experiences and outcomes to uncharted domains.


via The Awesomer