An Enormous Humpbacked Alligator Slowly Crosses a Park Path Oblivious to Camera Wielding Onlookers

A group of brave onlookers at the Circle B Bar Reserve – Polk Nature Discovery Center (CBBR) in in Bartow, Florida calmly watched as an enormous alligator came out of the bushes to cross over the path upon which they were walking. The prehistoric-looking creature, nicknamed “Humpback” by locals was completely oblivious to his audience as he lumbered on through. CBBR does let visitors know ahead of time that they may encounter a gator or two.

The Circle B Bar Reserve, on the northwest shore of Lake Hancock, is a former cattle ranch that today boasts a wide variety of plants and animals. You can see several distinct ecosystems in this reserve of only 1,267 acres. You’re almost guaranteed to see alligators in Lake Hancock, often considered the headwaters of the Peace River, which flows more than 100 miles from Polk County southwest to the Gulf of Mexico. Circle B Bar Reserve is a nature reserve, please help protect the resident wildlife by following some basic rules while visiting. NO pets, NO Balloons and NO Music, enjoy what nature has to offer on its own.