An Anxious Coyote Peterson Begrudgingly Attempts to Eat a Stinky Fruit That He Refers to as a Puke Fruit

It is easier to get stung by a bullet and I’m not even kidding.

While visiting the Kids Saving the Rainforest organization in Costa Rica, the educationally masochistic Brave Wilderness host Coyote Peterson who has faced the most terrifying insect stings with minimal fear, finally met his match with a simple noni fruit. The noni fruit, a known famine food, is incredibly healthy but its distinct odor and unusual taste is not for everyone, particularly Peterson who was not at all happy about having to consume the stinky flesh of that which he aptly called a “puke fruit”.

Is there anything healthy about throwing up because that honestly guys, that what’s going to happen. I have a squeamish stomach. I can take a bullet ant sting, snapping turtle bites not a problem, but when it comes to like …nauseous things… I gagged when I smelled it…it’s kind of like a giant grub, look at that why does it look like a grub when it’s a fruit like nothing about this says eating it is healthy.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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